Will God Ever Answer My Prayer and Take Away this Food Addiction?

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Excellent question!

I wanted to know this about a million times. I weren’t merely low on faith. To tell the truth I possessed quite a gradual level of faith: I could believe God for my financial circumstances and in many cases bodily healing but once it was time to believe for healing for this food struggle, I had nothing.

My faith wasn’t ruined in a day either. No, the decline came over decades. I prayed, I cried many tears, I followed many crash diets, I planned, I took weightloss pills, I mistreated my body,other times I nurtured my body, I exercised, I tried self-examination, I ate only when undoubtedly hungry, I went on fasts, I restricted carbs, I tried to ignore it all hoping that it will all just disappear, I joined support groups, and I also got counseling which helped me find healing for most of my brokenness, but as for my struggle with food addiction …

Still: Not a thing.

This situation simply wouldn’t budge. I used up so much funds, time and effort on this struggle that it was feeling as if it evolved into a piece of me. Subsequently the question: Shall I ever end up being free of my Fight with Food?

In my desperate search for proper answers, I met other individuals who experimented with even more drastic steps than I have: These people had a surgical procedure, they received liposuction treatment, some located treatments in foreign countries, some took part in televised competitions, some paid sizeable quantities of hard earned cash to encourage themselves to lose excess weight.

Still: Most of these people finished exactly where they’ve begun – having practically nothing – simply no real answer.

What is this thing?

Why does it have this type of death grip on our population?

So many women suffer from eating disorders or some disordered kind of eating, even though we will not be “branded” as such. An Eating Disorder is defined as “The incapability to eat in a normal, healthy way”. To starve oneself all week long, and overindulge over the weekend is neither normal nor healthy. To be on and off diet plans for twenty, thirty or forty years of our lives, is without a doubt not what God had in mind when He supplied us food as nourishment for our bodies!

Eventually I simply wasn’t able to deny it any further: I had an eating disorder, and it had me. I wanted to know for certain “Would I ever be free from my eating disorder?” I asked God, I asked all-around, I read, I researched, I got plenty of solutions, and I’m sharing it with ladies around the world…

My everyday life is far from perfect, but it’s definitely worth living again. I don’t fit into a size 2 skinny jeans, but I’m not obsessed anymore. I have peace back, and JOY! Life is very good, and God is awesome!

I developed a website and put a course together for ladies struggling with food simply because I wanted to see women and mothers find healing and liberty from the agony of eating disorders. Women cope with so much, we have to be so strong for so many people in our lives, and God give us the ability to carry out all this stuff while having amazing influence on the ones we love. Nevertheless, if you have an eating disorder you change into just a tiny fraction of the person God created you to be…

Don’t listen to the enemy anymore. Even in your weak and lowered condition you can be strong if you put your hands in the hand of the One who loves you. “With God all things are possible!” It really is true. Your eating disorder is not too big for the God who created the Universe, you were only fooled into thinking otherwise.

The truth is: God cares about you, and all the details of your life…

Listen, I would like to take your hand and steer you back to the same simple truth: God is still God, and He alone can free you. Your trust can be restored in this particular area, you can hear the Holy Spirit call out your name and remind you:”You are a child of the King of all kings.”

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Will God Ever Answer My Prayer and Take Away this Food Addiction?

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This article was published on 2010/12/10